Billion Dollar December

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The TokenData Take: ICOs raise >$1B in December and >$5B in 2017

Let’s cut straight to the chase:

ICOs ended 2017 on a high by raising more than one billion dollars ($1.2B) in December, bringing total capital raised to $5.6B. It’s safe to say that this has exceeded everyone’s expectations including our own prognosis two weeks ago. The last two weeks of December saw two large closings – Sirin Labs $157M, Bankex $70M – and a large number of small to medium closings.


We will publish a comprehensive data driven piece about 2017’s token hype next week, but here are the key statistics for 2017:

  • USD Raised: $5,596 Million*
  • Nr of Completed & Reported ICOs: 442
  • Average Raise: $12.7M
  • Median Raise: $4.5M
  • Average Token Return: 12.8x
  • Median Token Return: 4.9x

In terms of token returns, equally weighted portfolios of ICO issued tokens have outperformed investments in ETH and BTC that are made at the same time as the ICO. However, after comparing average returns with the median returns, we see that ICO returns are heavily skewed by a handful of projects (more on this in our full report next week).

The year is off to a stronger start than we had expected with 26 ICOs launching this week. Looking ahead, we’re counting 160 ICOs that have already been announced for Q1 2018 and a further 266 whose exact dates are still to be announced. The story continues into another year, and we will be there to provide you with all the data and transparency!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

The TokenData Team

* We’re not including the full EOS token sale, because it is still ongoing and there are conflicting reports on how much has been raised so far. Estimates vary from $200M to $900M…

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