Closing in on $5 Billion

Monday, December 18, 2017

With only two weeks left in 2017 we seem to be reaching a slowdown of new ICOs. A mere 16 new sales are launching this week versus the 30-50 we have seen in the past weeks. The dudes running ICOs are either too busy raising and trading Cryptokitties or figuring out which nightclub will receive their crypto gains in the form of bottles of Dom. We think it’s the former, because – you know – HODL.

As we head into these last two weeks, let’s take a look at the key stats right now: 

  • $4.6 Billion: The amount raised by ICOs in 2017 so far – December included
  • $314 Million: The amount raised in December so far (40 ICOs, $7.85M average raise)
  • 158: The number of sales that are still scheduled to complete in the last 2 weeks of 2017 – yes…one hundred fifty eight…

Unless the whole crypto community decides to watch Home Alone 5 over Christmas the sheer number of ICOs that are scheduled to close puts the $5B mark well within reach. We’ll report on progress next week.

Don’t Call it a Comeback (yet): Tokens vs BTC

The spectacular rally of Bitcoin in the past month has left us wondering if the relative outperformance of ICO issued tokens has diminished since we last published some stats around this in October. We’ve updated that analysis and the key takeaways and graph are as follows:

  • Pick your winners: Only 26% of all ICO issued tokens outperform both Bitcoin and Ether. This is consistent with our findings two months ago (27%)
  • Tokens Tokens Tokens…: On average, an equally weighted portfolio of ICO issued tokens still outperforms portfolios consisting of investments in BTC and ETH at the same time as an ICO (sidenote: heavily skewed towards ICOs launched in the first half of this year)
  • But..BTC has closed the gap somewhat: The token portfolio outperforms BTC by “only” 2x vs 3.5x back in October – evidence of the recent BTC rally

Token Sale (ICO) Calendar

Mon (12/18)

Tues (12/19)

Wed (12/20)

Thurs (12/21)

Fri (12/22)

Sat (12/23)

Sun (12/24)