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Monday, November 20, 2017

Unreported and Extended Token Sales

Last week, the TokenData team took a short hiatus from the newsletter and crunching token returns. For those of you who missed us and pictured us working in a worn down Regus office whiteboarding and roadmapping away – we have to disappoint you – we spent most of it catching up on the latest season of Stranger Things 2 (attention to all fans, click here). 

For those not in the know with Netflix’s finest show about nerdy teenage angst, it’s a show that revolves around mysterious disappearances and really awesome 1980s mullets that give the hairdo of a certain crypto fund manager a run for its money. Before we head to our favorite Bay Area barbershop for a new cut, we want to shed a light on the mysterious disappearances and postponements of token sales that have come to our attention lately:

TL;DR: Many token sales have not reported if they were successful 

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Unreported Token Sales

We have noticed that an increasing amount of teams/projects do not report the actual results of their token sales. The number of token sales in Q4 has already surpassed that of Q3 but at the same time a relatively large group of projects (44%) have not reported the final status of their token sale or the amount of capital raised – even though the sale period has ended. One interpretation is that the “ICO hype” has attracted a larger share of mediocre to outright low quality projects that end up being unsuccessful. The mystery that remains is how much capital these unreported token sales have raised and/or what has happened with that capital…

Postponed & Extended ICOs
Additionally, out of the 340 ICOs that are currently active/planned more than 25 ICOs ended up postponing their start date since the 1st of November and 61 ICOs have extended their sale period. The reasons sent to us or posted on social media ranged from serious (e.g. more legal advice needed) to borderline absurd. For example – the Bitcoin Segwit 2X fork was often cited as a reason to postpone/extend, although we have our doubts about the strength of that argument given that most sales raise ETH. Another gem is that one token sale told us that “Due to a high level of interest, we have decided to extend our pre-sale through January 15th, 2018”. We advise this token sale to think harder about why a long sale tends to be a bad sign

Weekly Update

  • NEW on 
    • Token Analytics (BETA) – We just launched a new analytics section on TokenData. The first tool that we’ve built is a news aggregator that plugs into all news channels and chat applications for a token sale. If you’re sick and tired of signing up to all telegram/slack/discord channels to assess a project, this tool will make your life much easier. This is a first release, so any user feedback is more than welcome! 
  • Interesting Events:
    • ICO Financing @ U.C. Berkeley: Our friends from Blockchain @ Berkeley are organizing a one-day conference on best practices for token sales. They have a stellar lineup including top fund managers, crypto focused lawyers and the S.E.C. And maybe, we will be there scurrying around as well handing out TD T-shirts and stickers 😉
  • Weekly Token Data:
    • Nr of completed ICOs (wk/mo/ytd): 11 / 19 / 316
    • USD Raised (wk/mo/ytd): $62M / $314M / $3.8B
    • Calendar: 50 ICOs this week

Token Sale (ICO) Calendar

Mon (11/20)

  • Anonym – Platform to create private societies and social media groups
  • Connectius – Blockchain SaaS solution for e-commerce
  • CrowdWiz – DAO: crowd-managed crypto funds
  • DataTrading – DataTrading provides a set of analytical and forecasting tools for trading in stock and crypto exchange markets
  • FundRequest – Platform for rewarding open-source contributions
  • HashHive – Invest in a innovative data center of cloud mining
  • injii Access Coin – Connecting creators with charities
  • MediBloc – Healthcare information platform – a personal data ecosystem for patients, providers and researchers
  • Naga Group – Platform for decentralized trading, investing and education in financial markets, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies
  • Open Source University – Distributed education and certification platform, operating on the public Ethereum blockchain
  • Props – Decentralized video application
  • Propthereum – Asset backed cryptocurrency
  • SRG – Loyalty program for online games

Tues (11/21)

Wed (11/22)

Thu (11/23)

  • BASIS – Investment in a building material company
  • BREM – Real estate aggregator and transaction service through which clients can conduct and register real estate transactions
  • FUELD App – Global automated service for car refuels (charging)
  • Genesis Water Token – Providing clean reusable water without chemicals for our world’s population
  • Makersmarks – Product identification and anti-counterfeit platform
  • Robo Advisor Coin – Robo Advisor for cryptocurrency forecast and news

Fri (11/24)

  • BitRent – Platform to attract commercial and residential property investments

Sat (11/25)

Sun (11/26)