The 1000th ICO

Monday, October 16, 2017
  • The TokenData Take: Firstly, the boring news – last week, 10 ICOs raised $60M. This is a fairly low number, although we still have more than 140 active ICOs that are scheduled to close in October (and have raised more than $230M already).

    Secondly, the mindboggling stuff: One THOUSAND token sales/ICOs  – that’s our stat of the week. We added more than 200+ ICOs this past week and our database contains information on more than 1000 ICOs. We’re also tracking more than 140 tokens that have been issued through ICOs (142 to be precise). A quick analysis on the returns of these 142 tokens – relative to BTC and ETH – shows that “only” 31% of tokens outperform both base cryptocurrencies (graph can be found below) if held since issuance. A more thorough analysis about the composition of this relative performance will be published later this week. Some food for thought as we head into the week.
  • NEW on 
    • My Tokens (BETA) – You can now create lists of token sales and token returns by creating an account on our website. We’re iterating quickly and adding new features in the coming weeks. Please send us your feedback!
    • Token Jobs ( – We’ve launched a free and crowdsourced job posting board focused on crypto projects. Whether you’re a dev looking to move into the space, or you’re a project looking to attract the best talent after completing an ICO – look no further!
  • Weekly Token Data:
    • Nr of completed ICO’s (wk/mo/ytd): 10 / 25 / 306
    • USD Raised (wk/mo/ytd): $60M / $165M / $2.9B
    • Calendar: 53 ICOs this week
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